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Registration on is free of cost.
No cost for public or private tutorial posting.
There is no fee for adding the fund.
There is no fee for normal withdraw (processing time 30 Business days).
After earning $1000 User will get three more option of fast withdraws:-
3% extra fee (processing time 5 Business days)
2% extra fee (processing time 10 Business days)
1% extra fee (processing time 15 Business days)
Tutor will get 70 percent of tutorial value after every purchase.
There will be $0.30+4.40% of total amount will be charged by Paypal at the time of transaction for withdrawing the amount.
(Only for Indian Users)
(i) As Indian User do not compulsory to have a PayPal account, they will get their withdraw amount direct to their bank account within 10 working days, There will be 2% processing fee for withdraw.
(ii) No transaction fees for adding the fund for Indian users, for more info contact us.
Last Updated on 16 May 2014